What are the things to know to buy a smartphone.

Here are some things to look for when selecting a smartphone

1. Which processor is being used in the phone, is that processor reasonable according to the price, what other brand is offering the processor at the same price. Along with this, we have to see how the power of the processor works, how multi-tasking, gaming works, whether there is a heating problem.

2. What is the battery backup in the phone, how much mah’s battery, whether it supports fast charge, whether there is type C port.

Whether the company is providing fast charger phone with fast charge support. Because many phones support fast charge but they tie normal charger, you can buy fast charger separately. But now many companies are offering it with phones.

3. The amount of RAM, internal memory on the phone is also very important, normal calls, YouTube 3GB 32GB will go away to do all this, it is better not to go below and 4GB 64GB or 6GB 128GB is better, the price will also increase For this.

4GB 64GB is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.

You will see that the RAM that is being used depends on whether it is DDR 4 or DDR 5, the working capacity of the phone increases, DDR 4 Ram works well now, you may see DDR 5 RAM in more expensive phones.

4. After that, the importance is software, it means that the phone does not have android, you will see that the company is offering its own modified Android operating system.

I myself am a fan of stock Android but you may like miui, realme ui, one ui, oxygen os etc., see about these on YouTube, what is it, what are the profit and loss.

However, I will say that no matter what, the Android version is the latest, which means if there is a version that is one or one and a half years old, the company will not update you after a few days, the company gives an average of two Android updates on a new phone. You will be deprived of many new features.

5. And what I will say about the camera is that don’t forget to look at the number of cameras, or don’t be overwhelmed by the number of megapixels, they are cheating people. The picture quality should be good, for that you can understand the camera compression of the phone on YouTube.

. Fingerprint scanner is very much needed nowadays, it will be annoying to unlock the phone with PIN or pattern again and again.

. The resolution of the screen is also very important, below ten thousand Hd + is allowed but it is normal to have full hd display on the phone at the top.

In addition to these, there are many small things like whether the screen of the phone has gorilla glass, the body is made of plastic, metal or glass, whether there is a headphone jack, whether it supports dual 4G, etc.

So you can choose a phone and watch some reviews on YouTube about it, you will get many benefits.

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