inconvenience of using the iPhone

I can’t say I’m really sorry, because when I used the iPhone, I used Samsung’s Note series phones as well, I never gave up Android completely. So I understood the comparative practical difference between these two phones very well. Since the question is about the difficulty of using the iPhone, I have already said that. By the way, since I am a user of the Note series of Android, I have made a comparison with this phone. Although it may seem that most of the problems here are not so much but if you use an iPhone and a note series phone together for a while then you will understand how deep the matter is, which happened in my case. Let’s see what problems I have encountered on iPhone ………

1. Don’t have the “Call Reject” button.

If you want to cut the call, you have to press the power button twice. Annoying! If you have both hands engaged (e.g., applying henna or kneading while working or kneading flour while making cakes), how do you cut if you want to cut the call? If you have a call reject button, you can even cut the call with your elbow!

2. No “back” button.

There is no back button on the iPhone, it is different if an app has its own back button. But if not? You can’t go to the 2nd or 3rd or next step in any app and go back to the previous step again! You have to close the app, open it again and come back from the beginning !!!

3. No “home screen”. 

When you unlock the phone, it opens directly in the menu. Painful for the eyes. And if you don’t have a simple picture in the background of the screen, then sometimes it is very difficult to find the app. Android has a separate home screen, pictures can be given as desired. When you open the menu, the image on the home screen becomes blurred, so there is no problem to find the app. When I see the face of my favorite child on the home screen “NEAT & CLEAN” when I am outside, my heart is touched!

4. Don’t have the “Remove All App” button. 

I open many apps while running the phone. Let’s say I opened 20 apps all day. If I want to delete these 20 apps from the background, I have to swipe 20 times separately for each app. And once you tap the Remove All button on Android, everything is closed.

5. No multi-window options.

Many times two apps need to be run on the screen at the same time. Business or family, for whatever reason, is difficult to explain in writing if you do not use the multi-window option yourself. Its necessity cannot be explained in a few words. Although not all Android phones have this option, but since we are talking about premium phones, this feature of premium Android phones must be mentioned here. Writing this option in detail will make the text much larger.

Don’t have free messenger.

Even if you don’t have data on Android, you can use free messenger. IPhone must have data.

Don’t have a “chat head”. IPhone does not have this convenient option. It is a problem to check the message by repeatedly entering the messenger.

The fast charging option was not there before. I woke up and saw that there was 8% or 10% charge but I had to get out in half an hour. How much will the iPhone charge in half an hour? Will it last all day? In the end, this option has probably been given from iPhone 10.

9. Wireless charging option was not there before. Although not very useful but the value of this premium feature is understandable when used. If the call comes while charging with an adapter, then opening from charge – answering the call – charging again is a bit of a hassle. Not just calls, but many more. And if on wireless charging? Very hassle free.

10. Battery capacity is too low. The charge does not last long. Again, since the charging port is different, the charger must always be kept with you or a power bank must be carried separately! Imagine an iPhone and a power bank in your hand, paired !!!

11. Limitations of the App Store. You will not get all the apps or you will have to buy them with money.

12. You will be annoyed to find a convenient app for Bangla type .

13. “Assistive Touch” button! You have to move here and there once while working! Annoying! In the Note series phones this thing is like a thin line at the very edge of the screen, almost invisible.

14. There is no option to lock the app or hide personal photos or videos. If you give your iPhone to someone while it is unlocked, you should always be approachable.

15. Sharing pictures or videos or songs or anything else is relatively inconvenient.

16. Instant Translation (1) No option. Reading an English article or SMS, you need to know the translation of a word or a line. How to do on iPhone? Select that word or line (it’s a hassle to select), copy, go to the menu screen, open the translator, paste there and so on! But in my Note 8, if you just hold the stylus on that word or line, it shows instant translation. Not only English and Bengali, but also Spanish, German, Arabic, Japanese and many more languages.

16. No instant translation (2) option. Went to a country that does not understand the language. Do not understand what is written. What to do? If you have an iPhone, there is nothing to do, but if you have a note series phone? If you hold the Note 10’s camera towards a Chinese language signboard, it will show in Bengali. Yes, it looks like you are looking at a Bengali signboard. This is a new feature of the Note 10, but the previous shots did not show real-time translation, but the picture can be taken and then translated.

16. Having no hand-writing options with stylus. What an incredible work it is, can’t be expressed in words. Forget about taking notebooks or notebooks in meetings, classes or anywhere else! After a long time to meet a friend on the street, write the address or something else. Or a phone call from home, it will take-it, remember if you do not list? Suddenly an idea or thought or whatever came to mind came to mind, or anything else that needed to be written down. Maybe you have to write something, whether you are an engineer or an artist or a businessman or an employee or a housewife. Where to write? Always carry a paper pen in hand if you are an iPhone user and do not have a note series phone.

19. Unable to give street direction on phone. Your friend does not know your home. After a while, I have to say on the phone, on the right, then 200 steps in front, a shop on the left side of the red building, 300 steps ahead in the alley next to it ……… etc. If you have a Note series phone in hand, send a screenshot with the location of your home and friend from Google Map and send it as a GIF direction, you can leave alone no matter how complicated the road!

20 Not having the option to take long screenshots. You want to take a screenshot of something that you can’t take at once because it’s too long. If it’s an iPhone, you’ll need to take a few screenshots of it and they’ll all be saved as separate images, but it’s possible to take a full screenshot at once on a Note series phone and save it as just one image! It is useful to take a screenshot of a long article or a chat history of Messenger / Emo / WhatsApp / something long.

21. Having no option to take selected screenshots. A lot of times we don’t take the whole of the screenshot, we may need some parts. Then you have to take a screenshot on the iPhone and then crop it again, but on the Note series phone you can take just as many screenshots as you need without any extra hassle, even screenshots of irregular shapes!

22. Web link not saved in screenshot. I took a screenshot from one of the websites a year ago. Now I needed that website, but I forgot where I got the screenshot from! What to do? If you take a screenshot from the website on the Note series phone, the link to that site is also saved.

23. Photo Editing! No, I’m not talking about touch up. Went to Chittagong, did not have a PC. When I went to post the picture of the trip on Facebook, I saw which one had a good background but my face was not good, another’s face was good but nothing else was good. Then I put the face of one picture in another picture with my Note 8 and posted it on Facebook. It is possible to prescribe because there is a stylus. Would it be possible if it was an iPhone? Probably not.

24. Unable to make photo correction. After taking group pictures, he came home and saw someone’s eyes closed and someone’s face closed. Why only group pictures, even if you take pictures alone, it happens a lot of times. What is the way then? The Note series phones have an option, Motion Photo. With it, a few seconds before or after the photo, where everyone’s face is appropriate, it can be selected and saved, even a few days or months or years after the photo was taken.

25. Unable to control “smart home device”. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post. But since 2012 or 2013, home smart devices (e.g., smart TVs) could be controlled with a Note series phone without a remote controller, even from outside the home!

26. Not always “on display”. Time, date and notifications are very troublesome to turn on the phone again and again. If you have a premium Android phone, you don’t have to face this problem. Again, if you have a list of markets or a list of jobs on the phone, the list can be seen by turning on the phone when needed, if the iPhone. But without turning on the Note series phone, it can be kept in front of the eyes for the sake of Always On Display. How much does it always charge on display? Only 1% or 2%! It can be turned off if you want.

26. No “reverse charging”. Although the option is new, you can understand how useful it is when the phone is charged on the road. When your Samsung Note or S series phone runs out of charge on the street-office-train-plane-bus, see if anyone next door has a Note or S-series phone. With the reverse charging option, charge the phone from the phone without any wires !!!

26. Unable to use as desktop computer. Ever used your smartphone as a desktop computer? Note series phones can be used as a computer CPU. By connecting your note series phone with a monitor (or TV), mouse and keyboard, you can easily build a desktop computer and work from time to time. Just buy a connecting device separately (price starting from 2000 to 8-10 thousand).

29. Unable to minimize window. Windows can be minimized like a computer on a Note series phone. Very convenient for work.

30 No calculation button on the calculator. He made a mistake while placing the figures. The other phone’s calculator has a correction button, correction can be done very easily. There is no button on the iPhone, you have to make a correction by swiping. Too much trouble.

31. Fingerprint not unlocked. Think of this emergency in Corona. Mask your face. In this case, Face Unlock is not working in most cases !!! After trying a few times, he went to give the passcode, gloves in hand, it is not going to be given easily !!! My notebook is going to be unlocked with fingerprints without any hassle while still having gloves. This fingerprint option, of course, was on the iPhone before, not now.

32. I left out Corona. Suppose you are a beauty conscious woman. He applied something on his face for beauty treatment. Will Face Unlock work? What else to do, keep typing the passcode!

33. Not having dual SIM option. Many have to use multiple SIMs for work. One can use SIM in iPhone. Although there is an e-SIM option, it does not work in most countries.

34. No SpO2 sensor. It is very important for many people to know the level of oxygen in their body at this time of corona. You will need to buy a separate device to measure it unless you have a Note series phone. Note 10, however, did not provide this sensor.

For now, this is how many came to mind. If I remember more, I will edit it later.

Let’s see what is the problem with Android …

1. Not having excessive security. Although I don’t know if so much security is useful at all, but Android doesn’t provide as much security as iPhone.

2. The user interface is not as smooth as the iPhone. The user interface of the iPhone is already smooth. However, this problem has been solved in Android since the advent of One UI. Now it’s just like a smooth iPhone, although premium phones on Android have had this problem less before. The problem was mainly with budget phones.

In this case too, the same thing …… for now, these are the few that came to mind. I will edit it later if I remember.

Let’s see what the iPhone and Note series phones have in common …

1. Good camera. The cameras of the two phones can take more or less the same good picture.

2. Since both the phones are premium phones, premium look or premium feel is available in both.

3. Both the phones are capable of giving heavy performance.

4. The display of the two phones is amazing.


For those who are really smart personally, iPhone is only for them because a lot of things cannot be done smartly with iPhone so only those oversmart people can do those things with iPhone. Some things can be done smartly, but a lot of twisting and turning. The iPhone is just one of the best things to do, including making calls, browsing the net, texting, taking pictures, playing games, etc., one of the best. For those who like simplicity (so-called), do not expect too many smart features or functionality or utilities from the phone, the iPhone is the best.

And the Note series phones are smart or unsmart, the best for both. If someone is not personally smart, they need something extremely smart as a phone or assistant for themselves and only note series phones can assist them smartly. And needless to say, those who are smart.

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